About Us

Since a very young age I have shown an interest in makeup and fashion. My mom will never let me forget her finding me putting lip gloss kisses all over her walls (mind you I was only 3 years old at the time). My mom said it was at that point she knew she had a little diva on her hands. That very statement could not have been more true. I also proved at an early my love for fashion. I dared to be different and show my true personality of being Independent, bold, and confident and displayed this through my choice in clothing. My mom has a love for fashion as well which is where my love started! We both decided to share our love  with you which is how J Rayne beauty was born!! Every item provided is of the highest quality at an affordable price and guaranteed to meet your needs as it displays a little of our confidence, boldness, and independence in every piece!

                                Welcome to J Rayne Beauty!!!

                                                                - J Rayne